Borg Warner EFR 7064 Turbo

Borg Warner EFR 7064 Turbo

FMW Extended Tip, Forged-Milled Compressor Specs:
- 70 mm wheel exducer
- 52 mm wheel Inducer
- 56 lb/min maximum flow
- Integrated BOV for all compressor housings
- Compression housing connections -- 3.5-inch inlet, 2-inch outlet, with option of integrated V-band

Turbine Specs:
- Low inertia, Gamma-Ti
- 64 mm wheel OD
- Three turbine housing options -- .83ar T3 (P/N 179355), .92ar T4 (P/N 179389), or 1.05ar T4 (P/N 179391)
- 3-inch V-band, 92 mm OD


Dual-Row Ball Bearings (Ceramic)
- Very low friction with fast response/spool
- Extremely durable
- Oil control orifice comes built-in
- Double sealed to prevent oil leakage
- Compression housing and solenoid boost control are integrated
- Speed sensor integrated with mounting provisions

The Borg Warner 7064 EFR can provide between 300 and 500 horsepower, making it an excellent turbo for road racing, drifting, or street driving applications. It offers incredibly fast response and spool while being versatile enough to work with heavily modified or stock engines.

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