Garrett T3 T04E-50 Trim Stage 3 Turbo

Garrett T3 T04E-50 Trim Stage 3 Turbo

This Garrett turbocharger includes:

- T3/T4E style compressor
- 50 trim, stage 3 wheel

You don’t need any water lines for this turbocharger -- oil cooling only. This is a very popular T3/T4 turbo that is commonly used on a wide variety of engines to improve overall response and support power increases up to 450 crank horsepower.

This turbo is assembled and balanced in the Garrett factory for OEM reliability. The included exhaust housing has a four-bolt (T31) outlet and T3 inlet, but there are many turbine housing options available.

This unit is usually kept in heavy stock, so it should be available to ship within 1-2 days.

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