Precision PT5862 CEA® Turbo

Precision PT5862 CEA® Turbo

With the addition of an advanced turbine wheel, the PT5862 now has a highly revolutionary design that is unmatched. It can help you boost the performance of your vehicle and keep you way ahead of your competition. A CEA-equipped model will earn you a place in the winner’s circle!

Select from three different compressor cover choices:
- The "B" comes with 2-inch outlet / 2.8-inch inlet
- The "E" comes with 2-inch outlet / 3-inch inlet
- The "Ported S" option comes with 2.5-inch outlet / 4-inch inlet

Select a T3 turbine housing:
- .63ar / .82ar, discharge: four-bolt
- .63ar, discharge: five-bolt (wastegate hole optional)
- .63ar / .82ar, discharge: 3-inch V-Band

Or other turbine housing options:
- V-Band inlet and discharge, .64ar / .82ar
- T4 Tangential, V-band discharge (3 ⅝), .58ar / .68ar
- T4 Divided, V-Band Discharge (3 ⅝), .84ar
- Mitsubishi .63ar
- Buick .63ar
- GMC Syclone/Typhoon .85ar
- K26 .82ar
NOTE: for certain housings, additional costs may apply

Select a ceramic ball bearing system or a Hydrodynamic thrust bearing (360 degree).

* Additional cost for the ball bearing option.

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