Precision PT6262 CEA® Turbo

Precision PT6262 CEA® Turbo

PTE exclusive “Competition Engineered Aerodynamics” (turbine wheel: 62 mm, 76 trim)

As the very first mass produced unit to carry PTE’s history making CEA compressor wheel, this turbocharger will always be considered by many to be the “holy grail" of forced induction. If you want unrelenting power, the PT6262 can be an intimidating setup that your competition cannot stand up to.

Compression covers:
- 3-inch inlet / 2-inch outlet
- "Ported S" 4-inch inlet / 2.5-inch outlet

T3 turbine housings:
- .63ar or .82ar -- four-bolt discharge
- .63ar -- wastegate hole optional five-bolt discharge
- .63ar or .82ar -- 3-inch V-Band discharge

Other turbine housings:
- V-Band discharge and inlet, .64ar or .82ar
- T4 Tangential V-band discharge, .58ar or .68ar
- T4 Divided, V-band discharge, .84ar
- .63ar Mitsubishi
- .63ar Buick
- .85ar GMC Typhoon/Syclone
- .82ar K26
NOTE: additional costs may apply to certain turbine housing options

* Additional cost if you are selecting the ball bearing option

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