Precision PT6266 CEA® Turbo

Precision PT6266 CEA® Turbo

- Competition Engineered Aerodynamics, Exclusive to PTE, with a 66 mm and 76 trim turbine wheel

Rated at 735 horsepower!

The PT6266 is packed with PTE’s most advanced turbine wheel and compressor technology. These cutting edge features offer unique levels of performance that offer advantages to both cold and hot sides.

You can take on more power without changing your current setup. The PT6266 offers 30 to 45 more horsepower than similarly sized turbos that would fit your system. This PTE model also comes with a number of customizable options.

Compression cover options:
- 3-inch inlet / 2-inch outlet “E”
- 4-inch inlet / 2.5-inch outlet “Ported S”

Turbine housing options:
- .63ar / .82ar T3 four-bolt discharge
- .63ar T3 style five-bolt discharge
- .63ar / .82ar T3 V-Band discharge
- .82ar V-Band inlet and discharge
- .58ar / .68ar / .81ar / .96ar T4 Tangential V-Band discharge
- .84ar / 1.0ar / 1.15ar / 1.32ar T4 Divided V-Band discharge
- Buick .63ar / .85ar
- GMC Syclone/Typhoon .85ar
- K26 .82ar
NOTE: Some turbine housing options will tack on additional costs

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